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Scorpio Moon: Embracing the Dance of Light and Shadow 🌕

"Without the light, there is no shadow; without the shadow, there is no light." ~ Vaza

The past few weeks have been a whirlwind of emotional and mental upheaval, diving deep into transformative training that has been both challenging and enlightening. As I navigate through the healing of old childhood traumas, I am discovering a new version of myself—a version that has always resided within me, silently waiting for the right mentor to coax her into the light. This year promises to be monumental, filled with incredible developments. Yet, amidst this rapid evolution and fast manifestation, I've felt overwhelmed—a stark contrast to the stagnation I perceived over the last six years.

Through my journey with my mentor, I've realized that, much like a lotus, I had to root deeply in the mud before rising triumphantly towards the sun. This process of peeling away every layer to reveal my most authentic self has not only been a personal revolution but also a call to support other women on their paths to self-discovery. This is the vision behind the upcoming day retreat that Phoenix and I are hosting. Together, we aim to strip back the layers of expectations, conditioning, shame, and guilt. It's a profound journey that's difficult to undertake alone, which is why it's so empowering to see a community of women coming together, sharing openly and vulnerably about our individual and collective paths.

In this circle, we hold space for one another, allowing for the potent work of self-healing to flourish among us. Yes, it is hard work. Yes, it is painful to confront and shed these layers. But I am committed to not living an ordinary life, numbed by the toxins in our food and water, the distractions of media, or the unseen influences like chemtrails in our skies. The more I reject the expectations imposed by the external world, the more I see my true self emerging. Today, I choose to celebrate her, honor her, and step into the light fully awakened.

As we peel back these layers together, the power and magic of Sacred Owl Land come into play. This land, a sanctuary of healing and growth, has been a cornerstone of my own transformation. Its lush landscapes, serene energy, and the sacred space it provides are more than just a backdrop—they are an active participant in our journey of self-discovery. It is here, on this blessed ground, where we can each find the strength to confront our deepest truths and embrace our highest selves.

I feel called to share Sacred Owl Land with others not just as a venue, but as a vessel for transformation. The energy here is palpable, charged with an ancient wisdom that seems to guide and uplift all who step onto it. It is a place where we can strip away the mundane and the superficial, where we can plant our roots deep in the nourishing soil and rise, reborn and radiant.

I invite you, my sisters, to join us in this sacred circle. Together, we can explore the depths of our inner landscapes, supported by the land and by each other. Let's embrace our light and shadow with equal passion, stepping into our most authentic selves, and transform not just individually, but as a collective. Join me at Sacred Owl Land for our upcoming retreat, where together, we can unearth the magic and potency that resides within us all. Let’s rise, empowered and true, to the lives we are meant to lead.

Are you ready to join us? Click here to reserve your spot at our next retreat. Embrace your transformation, embrace your truth, embrace your radiant soul.

Love Vaza

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