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Meditation for Relaxation + Inner Peace in Magical Maui

Hi Friends,

I finally went to Maui for the first time and it was as magical as everyone was telling me. We stayed at a beautiful retreat for the first couple of days, were we got to practice yoga, meditation and learned about Astrology. It was super nice to be the student again and I learned so much that I have been integrating into my teachings since then. What I liked the most about the island were the kind, wise, smart and funny locals that welcomed us with open arms and delicious food.

Everyday we got to see at least 1 or even multiple rainbows as we explored different parts of the island. Maui is an amazing island for its beauty and diversity in landscape and ecosystems. It ranges from beautiful beaches, stunning waterfalls, magical rain forrest to a Volcano that is located in a Mars-like red dessert and rock gardens. I am still in awe on how incredible this island is.

There were many special moments I was blessed with while visiting the island, but one of my highlights was sitting next to a gigantic turtle and having a very intimate moment with her that invited me to go deeper into my meditation that I ever experienced before. Inspired by this beautiful moment with the 🐢, I decided to record a view meditations while I am on the island to share this very potent healing energy with you.

Would love to hear what you felt and experienced listening to this meditation. Feel free to email me or leave a comment below.

With Gratitude, Vaza

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