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Magical Moments and Healing Meditation from Maui 🌈🐢

Updated: Sep 13, 2023

Hello Dear Friends,

I trust this message finds you well and filled with the spirit of adventure. It's with immense joy that I write to you, for I've recently embarked on a journey to the enchanting island of Maui, and I couldn't wait to share the magic I've encountered.

Maui's Enchantment: Maui, as many of you had shared, is indeed a place of enchantment. During our initial days, my soul was nourished at a beautiful retreat where I immersed myself in yoga, meditation, and the profound wisdom of astrology. It was a humbling experience to be a student once again, and the knowledge I've gained has already begun to weave its way into my teachings. But beyond the teachings, what truly captivated my heart were the extraordinary people of Maui. Kind, wise, smart, and ever so funny, the locals welcomed us with open arms and treated us to a feast of delicious food. Their warm hospitality left an indelible mark on my soul.

Nature's Artistry: Every day, as we explored the diverse landscapes of the island, we were graced with the presence of at least one, often multiple rainbows. Maui's beauty knows no bounds; from pristine beaches to breathtaking waterfalls, magical rainforests, and the otherworldly red desert that cradles a majestic volcano, the island's diversity is awe-inspiring. One of my most cherished memories was an intimate encounter with a colossal turtle (🐢) that invited me to delve deeper into meditation than ever before. It was a moment of profound connection with the natural world, a reminder of our oneness with all living beings.

Healing Meditations from Maui: Inspired by this heart-opening encounter, I decided to record a series of meditations on this extraordinary island to share the potent healing energy I've been blessed with. These meditations are a gift from my heart to yours, a chance for you to connect with the serenity and magic of Maui.

Share Your Experience: I would be deeply grateful to hear about your own experiences and reflections while listening to this meditation. Please feel free to email me or leave a comment below. Your feedback and insights are a source of inspiration and connection.

Let's share in the healing energy of this remarkable island, no matter where you are in the world. 🌈🐢✨

With boundless gratitude and love, Vaza

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