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This dark, sensual, and intense season - and the Scorpio 🦂 herself was all about transformation 🪄

Updated: Sep 13, 2023

Peeling off the dead skin and growing a new layer was the topic of (Oct 23 - Nov. 22) and, wow was that true for myself and so many wonderful people I work with. As Scorpio is ruled by water, it makes sense the depth we felt during this time. It was a great time to reflect and take a look at all areas of our lives. Today's New Moon in Sagittarius is now asking us for an energetic reset. For myself it means letting go of perfectionism and expectations and using this potent energy to become really present.

My dad has been here for the past 4 weeks and as his visit comes to an end, I find myself feeling anxious. Today I went to a wonderful EFT (emotional freedom technique) with a new friend I met a couple of weeks ago. Even though I have all the tools, knowledge and wisdom, it is always so nourishing to become the student again and receive support from another practitioner to remind us that we are never alone, that we are always supported, and that we just have to turn inward again.

So as we are entering the New Moon energy today, I am letting go of perfectionism and expectations and instead enjoying the present moment as we are moving into the holiday season. I would love to hear, what you are calling in for the next season!?

The most helpful tool that I have found over the years to arrive in the present moment is so simple and yet often forgotten or underestimated. Can you guess what it is?

It is our breath. Breath is what keeps us alive, but also connects the body and the mind when focused on, helping us to arrive in the present moment. Below you find a short meditation to remind you to take deeper breaths and how you can use this breath awareness anytime you might feel overwhelmed, anxious or caught up in your thoughts.

Enjoy friends and feel free to share your experiences with our community in the comments below or if you have any other practices that you think are helpful.

Stay healthy, happy and present ✨, Love Vaza

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