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Your Life is 


Are you ready to create a delicious life of 

ease, flow, and fulfillment?

A life that is balanced?


Imagine Your Life:

Where stress and overwhelm have been replaced with 

confidence and calm.

A life where you know exactly how to nurture your mind, body, and soul.

If you’re a busy, successful woman 

who is caught up in the chaos of supporting and nurturing others, but you can’t seem to stop neglecting your own needs, 

I’m here to support you to tap into your power 

through honoring and nourishing you.


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Meet Vaza

Women’s Empowerment Coach  

Through my transformational holistic approach, women step out of survival mode and into a happy, healthy and radiant life - where they are fully centered in their power.

If you feel trapped in the overwhelm of non-stop demands, where every day is a blur - I feel your frustration, exhaustion, and emptiness.  

As a busy mom, wife, and career woman, I fell into the trap of sacrifice. I neglected myself. I thought I had to because I didn’t dare take time for myself when everyone else needed me.

But who I had become was not me!  I felt irritable, anxious, unhealthy, and stuck .  I lost myself and everyone around me paid the price!  And from this state of despair, I invested in 100s of hours of mentorship and discovered exactly how to reclaim my power, my life, and my passion.  And now my greatest joy is empowering women to thrive and have a life they love waking up to.


Our destiny has united us if:

  • You’re ready to draw a line in the sand and stop sacrificing yourself.

  • You’re ready to trust in someone and fully open your heart to a holistic approach to well-being.

  • You know deep down you deserve more love, more joy, and more happiness.

  • You’re ready to release excuses and own your power.


We are not aligned if:

  • If you enjoy complaining more than you enjoy transforming.

  • If you’re afraid of making your well-being a priority.

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Reclaim your power. Reclaim your life.

What Women Say

"Thank you so much for this wonderful 6 week transformation course. 

The app is perfect as you can do the classes (both yoga and meditation) at your own pace and time, but you know that Vaza is there for you if you have questions etc. She gently pushes you to continue even when you're down and stressed and her classes have helped me through one of my toughest times. Despite the classes being over (sadly) I still take them and love to do her meditation. I esp also love her voice, so soothing! If you have a chance to take this course, do not hesitate, it will do wonders to your soul, mind and body. "


"My outcomes from the 6 Weeks to feel Sexy, Strong and Confident were beyond my expectations. During this program I became aware of my limiting believes, recognized what triggers them and how to replace them with healthy believes about myself"


Thank-you Vaza for reigniting the connection between community & my yoga practice.  Bringing together a group of wonderful women to share the focus of feeling Sexy, Strong, & Confident. Meeting everyone was a wonderful way to start the program, the isolation of the last few years,  to meet new women who shared a mutual focus really created a sense of support, that kept me going the entire six week program! At the completion of the program I felt great, & honestly I wanted to start all over again. The daily work both physical and spiritual created new routines in my daily life, that are major life changers, and only take minutes a day.  Looking forward to more workshops.


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