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Mindful living.

for women who are ready to claim their confidence and thrive!

Meet Vaza.


I support women in reclaiming their bodies through yoga, meditation, and mindful living so they can feel confident, sexy, and worthy of thriving. 

I believe when we reconnect with our most radiant selves, we develop the confidence to live a life of passion and purpose. 


"Yoga with Vanessa has been my saving grace during pregnancy. I've been working with her since the early days of my pregnancy and have had zero back pain. I feel strong and ready for delivery because of my yoga practice! I appreciate how Vanessa is able to assess my body's needs in the moment during our sessions. She's extremely in touch with how the body moves and operates, and her genuine care and concern for me and my baby show through her work. I always leave our sessions feeling relaxed, open, calm, and at peace." 


"Vaza was my spiritual guide and yoga instructor helping me integrate into all three. She has spiritual wisdom in her practice that helps me get integrated, calm my monkey brain, and settle into my body.  She incorporates breath work to help to balance my insides as much as my outside body. I'm so grateful for her compassion, body-mind wisdom, spiritual devotion, and deep understanding of human anatomy.


She's therapy, fitness, and meditation in one instructor."


“I have been practicing yoga with Vaza for many years, through various life stages.  Her light and voice has guided me. Vaza encouraged me to stay strong and fit throughout pregnancy, which greatly served me during labor and recovery. She brings her positive energy and deep knowledge of anatomy and yoga to each class. I always look forward to my time on the mat with her, and highly recommend her class for anyone looking for a great work out combined with Vaza’s warmth and compassion!"



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