1:1 offerings



1:1 Prenatal Yoga Coaching 

My prenatal yoga program is designed to support your changing prenatal body and to help you meet the demands of labor and motherhood. We will focus on aligning your body and mind. My goal is to help you to drop deeper into your body, to stay fully present is discomfort arises, and to create a loving bond between you and your baby.

50 min   |    $150

60 min   |    $180

*energy healing included


1:1 Postpartum Yoga Coaching

I will guide you as you reconnect to your body after pregnancy.


This postpartum class will

focus on restoring your core, strengthening your pelvic floor, and easing the aches and pains that are associated with the physical demands of caring for your baby.

50 min   |    $150

75 min   |    $180

*energy healing included

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1:1 Yoga Coaching for Diastasis

Recti & Pelvic Floor Recovery

This class is the right class for you if you are suffering from Diastasis Recti and/or if you like to recover your pelvic floor from childbirth.

50 min   |    $180

75 min   |    $200

*energy healing included


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1:1 Energy Healing

This offering is about taking a trip through your mind, exploring the innermost depths, opening up doors of possibilities, unblocking pathways deterring you from reaching your hidden potentials, and activating your best self.
- Do you sometimes feel bewildered and lost?
- Unaccomplished and alone?
- Do you suffer from anxiety and stress?
- Do you feel like a passenger in the vehicle of your thoughts ?
Then this journey is certainly one I would like you to embark on with me. Let’s work together on expelling the negativity, blocking the channels of past trauma and sealing the ports of ancient karma. The time has come to dispel the self-limiting beliefs, shed off the old skin, and become a new being - your renewed self, the revitalized YOU.

60 min   |    $150