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Yoga coaching and energy healing for women who are ready to reclaim their body.




This offering is about taking a trip through your mind, exploring the innermost depths, opening up doors of possibilities, unblocking pathways deterring you from reaching your hidden potentials, and activating your best self.

- Do you sometimes feel bewildered and lost?
- Unaccomplished and alone?
- Do you suffer from anxiety and stress?
- Do you feel like a passenger in the vehicle of your thoughts?

Let’s work together on expelling the negativity, blocking the channels of past trauma, and sealing the ports of ancient karma. The time has come to dispel the self-limiting beliefs, shed off the old skin, and become a new being - your renewed self, the revitalized YOU.

50 min   |    $125

Prenatal Yoga with Laptop

ON Demand - unlimited online Yoga and Meditation 

Unlimited Yoga and Meditation Classes. Whether you’re new to yoga or want to deepen your current practice,  Immerse yourself in a total mind-body experience without leaving your living room.

$9.99 month   |    $99.95 year



This 1:1 coaching is right for you if you are looking for a Diastasis Recti Program that will help you heal at home or to keep your strong during your Pregnancy. I suffered from DR and a weak pelvic floor after I had my daughter. But with my knowledge as an Occupational Therapist and a specialized training in prenatal recovery, I created a program that will help to keep your core and Pelvic Floor strong and to prevent DR during pregnancy or to rehab your core and PV if you already had your baby/ babies. 

50 min   |    $125

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