"I am a new student to yoga, its something that I have always thought about but never got into. That is, until I severely hurt my knee two years ago. I was an avid athlete, I ran, swan competitively. That was all put on hold when it took over a year to even begin to bend my knee again. I has tried a few yoga classes, but nothing really caught my attention. Then I tried Vanessa's class. I was in love with yoga. She is an amazing teacher, patient and attentive. Explaining what I was doing right and how to improve on what I was doing wrong. She also made a point to be aware of my knee, and helped me work with the injury to gain flexibility and strength, something that I needed to get back to myself again. She is gentle and fun, but pushes you when you need a shove. I highly recommend her as a yoga teacher, and plan on taking her class for many years to come! I can never thank her enough for giving me the lifetime gift of yoga!"


Tonya M-Toft

"Vanessa is awesome! Even though I'm not a morning person, I make it a point to get to her Saturday morning Vinyasa class. I really break a sweat in her class (I don't think the room is even heated) and I always walk out feeling stronger, energized and ready for the weekend. Vanessa is very kind, down to earth and over all a great instructor. Levels of experience varies and she's good at pushing each students personal capabilities and limits. I'm definitely hooked on Vanessa's class and feel like she's taken me to a new level in yoga."

Thanks!! See you soon!! xx


"After experimenting with yoga off and on for years, I finally made the decision to make it a more consistent part of my life. Shortly after, I happened upon one of Vanessa's classes and could not be more grateful to have met her! Vanessa is a fun, loving, open, free-spirited instructor who loves to share jokes, wisdom, and new experiences with everyone in her class. I love her attitude: be yourself; if you mess up, oh well!; don't be self-conscious; try new things!; and simply pay attention to your body and it's needs. Vanessa is not just an instructor whose classes I look forward to, she's a wonderful person and friend. I am so glad to have her as a guide for my more yoga centered life journey!"

Brittany Hart


I have wanted to learn Yoga for many years. I have had two spinal fusions to my lower spine and I was concerned about the potential to do further injury. Vanessa has been incredible. Her attention to detail and understanding of the limitations of my body are incredible. Drawing on her extensive experience, she adjusts the pose or suggests alternate poses or stretches to target specific areas. After just 2 months I feel so much stronger and my posture and flexibility have improved dramatically. Vanessa’s experience and passion for Yoga is evident. She is a fantastic teacher and I highly recommend her. 

Catherine Robinson

"There’s no better way to start a morning. Vanessa is a fantastic instructor, offering a great workout that leaves you calm and energized. Vanessa embodies her teachings, bringing a cheerful attitude, a variety of poses and a great soundtrack, so classes always remain interesting. Vanessa understands the importance of body position and I credit Vanessa for improving my posture, strength and flexibility. She even helped me recover from a wrist injury. Highly recommended!"

Cheers, Eric

I met Vanessa at Yoga Garden, and immediately appreciated the individual attention she gave to each student in her classes. 

I had to get surgery due to a broken elbow and had a very limited range of motion. I immediately knew I wanted Vanessa to be my yoga teacher to help me heal. 

Vanessa came to my house when it was convenient for me and made the healing process of getting back into yoga very easy. Not only did she help me physically but suggested holistic remedies such as essential oils. With her help, I gained 20+ degrees with my range of motion and am able to touch my shoulder again. 

Through this experience, I have gained a special bond and friendship with her that I will always cherish. I highly recommend her to anyone wanting to broaden their yoga skills or working through an injury.

Stephanie Davis