About this workshop

• Why do people with food sensitivities become allergic to more foods ?

• Why do people who start dieting often yo-yo ?

• Why do people who follow fad diets and cleanses end up with a never ending search ?

As we all know, stress affects blood pressure but, anxiety creates inflammation, depression increases cortisol levels etc. Ayurveda and Chinese medicine have known for a long time what Western Medicine is now re-discovering: our emotional wellbeing affects behavior and how our Autonomic Nervous System behaves.

There is more to digestive health than diet ! 

In this one-day workshop, Digestive Therapist Caspar Poyck and Yoga Teacher VaZa join together to give you a fully holistic understanding and techniques to start healing the connections between Body and Mind.


The workshop starts at 9.30am and ends at 7pm.

What’s included

• 2 yoga classes with VaZa, Vanessa Racinet

• 2 Digestive Therapy classes with Caspar Poyck

• Time to rest and explore on a beautiful property

• A delicious, home made lunch  

• A refreshing glass of wine  

Not included

• Travel

• Yoga mat

• Towels and personal toiletries