Postpartum Mama Love

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Ok, so don’t be disappointed when you find out this post is not about inversions. By now you know I’m all about inversions, arm balancing, and injury prevention, but you should also know that I’m all about helping you create the best functioning body you possibly can.  

Over the past decade, I have been working with different clients, helping them achieve a strong, functional body, but when I dig deep and ask myself what I enjoy most, the answer is clear --  helping moms recover postpartum and get their physical and mental strength back. It wasn’t until I had my daughter ( she’s now 4 years old), that I realized I want to focus my practice on moms. Supporting them in any way, physically, mentally or emotionally simply fulfills me. After my own lonely postpartum recovery journey, I made it my mission to share my experience and be there for them along the way, so they don’t have to go through the same issues I did.

I realized postpartum care is still such a hush-hush topic and I want to change that. I truly wish some of my girlfriends who already had babies, would have taken me aside to tell me what to expect after having a baby. I want to be that good friend for you.

There are so many classes offered prior to the birth and once the bundle of joy arrives and the mom-to-be magic wears off many feel left alone. Of course, we will do everything for our little sunshine, but how about the postpartum care for moms? It truly seems to be a forgotten part of our healthcare system.

I was 28 hours in labor with a 9.5-pound baby (that’s 4 freaking kilograms by the way) and the very next day I was released. I felt completely overwhelmed by being a mom for the first time, I was in lots of pain down there, I, literally,  peed my pants every time I had to laugh hard or sneeze and don’t have me started how detached I felt from my vagina for a very, very long time.  Oh and let’s not forget about the “Mommy Pouch” (Diastasis Recti) and the back pain that it can cause. The answers my Obgyn gave me didn't satisfy me, so I began my journey.

I have done a lot of research, got help from a fantastic pelvic floor PT in SF and I’m currently developing an online postpartum recovery program to support moms who experience similar issues.

Last week I had the honor of teaching a postpartum recovery class to a group of fantastic and local moms at the Lululemon Grant Ave. store.

We spend about 2 hours together and my absolute favorite part was when everyone shared their journey, from being pregnant, having the baby and the postpartum recovery.

It was emotional, deep and raw. It’s incredible how connected you can feel to a group of strangers when you allow yourself to be vulnerable and authentic. The feedback and support we gave each other was overwhelming and we all agreed that there is a lot of work that has to be done to support moms postpartum. The need for support is my fuel to develop online programs and my goal is to empower moms around the globe to take back control of their bodies so they can feel strong, confident and sexy.

I’m looking forward to hearing from you,

with much love from my heart to yours