A Yoga Guide for busy Mom's


A Yoga Guide for busy Mom’s

Hello Ladies,

I always get asked by my students on how often I do practice yoga. The truth is whenever I get the chance and that isn’t very often. As a mom of three with a full-time job, it is really hard to stick to a regular workout schedule. In the beginning, I felt guilty and sometimes even ashamed to admit that I am not practicing yoga every day, but I got over it quickly because I am a big fan of those feelings. Instead, I decided to practice whenever I have some free time in between classes or between mommy duties. It is hardly a full 1 hr practice, but  I found a way to integrate into my daily life to deal with all the stress that comes along with being a busy mom. Today I like to share with you a view tips on how to integrate yoga into your daily routine. 


  1. Start with bringing awareness to your breath

When we are stressed, feeling anxious or under a lot of pressure we have the tendency to shorten our breath. Start by becoming aware of your breathing pattern on a daily basis. The more you catch yourself breathing a shallow and short breath, the more aware you become to take a deeper breath instead. By breathing deeply you trade incoming oxygen for outgoing carbon dioxide. It can slow down the heartbeat, it stabilizes your blood pressure, it relaxes your muscles, you release endorphins and your detoxification improves.



Lie down comfortably, relaxing your muscles and start to breathe into all corners of the lungs. Feel how you are expanding through the rib cage and all the way down into your diaphragm. 

If you are familiar with this deep breathing pattern, you can also practice it standing every time you catch yourself of feeling stressed, anxious…

I practice this kind of breath while brushing my teeth, sitting in the car, cooking or walking to work. The more you practice, the calmer you get. 


2. Plan your yoga practice on a weekly base

For example Mo-Wed-Fr. You are more likely to stick to a routine wants you planned it and don’t forget to blog the time on your calendar. I know from my own experience that stuff comes up sometimes, but still, try to make it your highest priority. If you feel happy and healthy, your kids will feel it too. In case you can’t stick to the planned time, try to find another time slot on this day or the next. Don’t feel guilty if it’s not happening, it’s the trying that counts! Be flexible!


3. Adjust the practice to your needs

My yoga practice before my pregnancy was very different then of course after I gave birth. I had Diastasis Recti (DR) and my pelvic floor felt like it was pretty much non-existing. It took me over three years to regain my full strength and to feel finally home again in my new body. Honor your feelings and don’t let anyone shame you for wanting to lose your pregnancy weight. Yes, you will get your body back, but sometimes it takes a lot of work and dedication, but it is possible with the right nutrition and exercise. Always get the green light from your doctor first and listen to the signals of your body. If you are dealing with DR and pelvic floor weakness feels free to check out my Diastasis Recti Fix Program that I will release by the end of the month or find someone that can help you to regain your strength to avoid any further problems. 


4. Be flexible with the length of your practice

Before I had my daughter I would practice sometimes for 2 hrs on a daily base, but as soon as she was born I was happy to squeeze in 20-30 min. Once she got older I simply integrated her into my practice, she got her own mat and I put some toys on it to make it even more attractive. Depending on how patient she was that day I could sometimes practice for 1hr (felt like eternity :).

Now my practice is about 20-45 min long. I roll out my mat, start with meditation and breath work and then enter my asana practice where I allow my body how to move that day.

5. Have fun

Listen to what your body needs and then decide what poses you want to practice. There is no right or wrong, some days a more vigorous practice feels amazing and sometimes a restorative practice is all you need. Try different yoga styles and decide whats right for you! Feel free to check out my video or search for other videos on youtube.


Have a great week and feel free to reach out for any further questions. You can find my daily teaching schedule at www.vazayoga.com and if you haven't joined our “VAZAYOGA MAMA LOVE TRIBE” on facebook please send an email to vanessaracinet@yahoo.com to get access to the group



A Yoga Flow for busy Mom's, duration: 12 min, Enjoy Ladies