Surrender your Ego



I am so excited the sun is back out!!! And, as the sun is out, my head is full of ideas about what to write. Today I’d like to share an experience I had a couple of days ago dealing with my own ego that will help explain why I chose the topic "surrender your ego" for this month’s newsletter.

Last week I had a situation where someone took a text message I sent them out of context and used it against a person I dearly love. I was furious and wanted to declare war on that person because that’s how I usually roll. But, let's be honest, when did war ever lead to peace where both sides won and were happy?

After listening to the audiobook "JOY" by Desmond Tutu and the Dalai Lama, I sat in meditation to help me step away from my hurt ego and allow me room to reflect. During meditation, I realized, in any situation there is always my story, your story and then there’s the truth. What’s true for me doesn't have to be true for you. So, I let my ego curse, steam and explode AND I transformed all my negative emotions into compassion through yoga, breath and a subsequent conversation I had with a close friend whom I truly admire.

Somewhere in the middle of my next meditation, I felt the sudden urge to call the person who had angered me and apologize to clear the air. While dialing the number I almost vomited - I was thatnervous. And, even more shocked my call was actually answered. After a short pause, I said, "I’dlike to apologize for my text message and also explain what I had meant in the first place". Again, to my surprise, the person actually listened (thank god) and we had an incredible conversation – one we should have had a very long time ago. We made peace and after hanging up I was crying and shaking with relief.  As most of my friends, and definitely past lovers (hehehe), know I am a very proud woman. So, making this phone call was a huge step for me and one of the hardest yetrewarding things I have ever done.

After the dust settled and I gained control of my emotions, I started thinking, “how would this world be if everyone acted from a place of love and kindness rather than the need to be right?” And, when I visualized this world, I truly believe it would be a wonderful place to be in, my friends.

I am sharing this experience with you as an invitation to act, maybe for one day or even better for the whole month of April, from a place of love rather than from your ego. Remember there is always your story, their story and then there’s the truth.

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