Fill your own glass first


 Hello my dear community,

can you believe it is already march? Incredible how time flies when you're having fun. I just got back from an incredible trip to cuba with my best friend from germany and i have to say it was simply magical. It was our first time traveling together after both having a child. I realized how important it is to step out of my role as a mom, wife and teacher to be able to fill up my glass again. It was interesting to see all the reactions when i mentioned that i was going on vacation by myself without my daughter. Some applauded, some judged and most people simply wished me the best time ever. I truly believe i am a better mom, wife and teacher after taking care of myself first and believe me it is not always easy to make time for that. Now that my glass is full again, i would like to invite you to fill yours as well in my upcoming workshop "A Masterclass on Arm Balancing".

*UPCOMING WORKSHOPS*LEARN TO FLY: A MASTERCLASS ON ARM BALANCING This fun, challenging workshop of arm-balances is designed to teach you how to do arm-balances with greater mindfulness and ease. Me and my fabulous yoga sister Christie Rafanan are welcoming all levels, beginner to advanced. Excited to play with you!!!WORKSHOP INFORMATION
Tickets: $50
When: Friday, 3/3 @ 7 pm
Where: The Center SF
548 Fillmore Street
San Francisco, CA, 94117TICKETSTHE YOGA OF EATING ~ 1 Day Workshop in Santra Cruz CountyWhy do people with food sensitivities become allergic to more foods ?• Why do people who start dieting often yo-yo ?
• Why do people who follow fad diets and cleanses end up with a never ending search ?
As we all know, stress affects blood pressure but, anxiety creates inflammation, depression increases cortisol levels etc. Ayurveda and Chinese medicine have known for a long time what Western Medicine is now re-discovering: our emotional wellbeing affects behavior and how our Autonomic Nervous System behaves.
There is more to digestive health than diet !

In this one-day workshop, Digestive Therapist Caspar Poyck and Yoga Teacher VaZa join together to give you a fully holistic understanding and techniques to start healing the connections between Body and Mind.

Tickets: $150
When: Friday, 3/25 @ 9:30 - 8 pm
Where: Santa Cruz CountyTICKETSYou can't pour water from an empty glass. Fill up your empty glass first.  Take good care of yourself so that what you give out is pure and just you.
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