A Day In Paradise...

A Day In Paradise...Join us for an incredible and rejuvenating experience out of our busy, buzzing city live.

SPRING has sprung and so has the time to come out of hibernation.
Join us for this incredible and rejuvenating workshop in our little paradise in the Santa Cruz Mountains to escape our busy lives.
A couple of months ago I met the very talented Digestive Therapist Caspar Poyck. I was blown away by his approach of looking into how allergies are related to our emotions.
Seven years ago, I got diagnosed with Hashimoto disease (a condition where your immune system attacks your thyroid).
Although I'm following a strict gluten free diet and eat clean most of the time, I still have trouble digesting certain foods. Meeting Caspar and listening to his way of understanding what is happening in the body from a psychological point of view really helped me to understand the relation between My allergies and My emotions.
For those of you who know me, I loooooove sharing health and everything that is improving my well-being. When I discover something new that works for me, I want to run out into the world and tell as many people about it. My true belief is that, in order to find peace in the world, we have to start making peace inside first.
My MISSION in this life time has become to help YOUfind this Inner Peace, that place of happiness, and to share it with the rest of the world.
These days it is more important than ever to come together as a COMMUNITY to heal past pains, grow toward true wellness and see the body flourish.
In "The Yoga of Eating", we will offer you a full holistic understanding of the mind-body connection and share techniques to heal.

I am Connected With You & You Are Connected With MeWith Love and Deep Bows, Your VAZA

Where: Rancho Racinet Santa Cruz County

When: Saturday, 3/25 @ 9:30am-7pm

Tickets: @ www.vazayoga.com