Postpartum support

Wow I am absolutely blown away by the amount of messages I received since my post yesterday, were I spoke about my hard and lonely recovery from childbirth. Thank you for your interest, kind words and fabulous questions! Unfortunately the female body is still pretty unexplored, for example and anatomy app I downloaded (released in 2016) didn't even have a pelvic floor muscle. It's simply shocking to me, but also sparks the desire to share my experience & knowledge AND support YOU with your recovery! Even if you had your kid 3,5,10 or 30 years ago, there is a way to regain your strength. No more peeing our pants 👖 hurray!!! Let's feel sexy, strong and confident instead. P.S. If you are currently pregnant 🤰 I got you covered as well. Sign up to my newsletter @ to stay tuned for the release date of my program. Love VAZA 📸 @sashayamnik #vazayoga #postpartum #sexy #confident #bossmoms