Light in us

In every one of us a Light burns

A Light that pushes us to be better than what we are

A Light that pushes us towards perfection

The Light is the cause of happiness, love, and bliss

The Light is only contrasted by the Darkness

A Darkness which resides within each of us

The Darkness brings us down

And it seeks to extinguish the Light

The Darkness causes hatred, envy, and chaos

Where the Light is success, the Darkness is failure    Where the Light is freedom, the Darkness is imprisonment

Where the Light is satisfaction, the Darkness is remorse

Where the Light is forgiveness, the Darkness is blame

Where the Light is good, the Darkness is evil

Where the Light is God, the Darkness is Satan

And where the Light is serenity, the Darkness is frustration

And inside each of us the battle between Light and Darkness rages

Everything in life breathes both the Light and the Dark

Every action and every reaction in life is ruled by this clash

Every injustice and every act of morality

Every feeling of guilt and every sense of forgiveness

Both the Light and Darkness resides in each of us

The question is: Which are you allowing to control your life? 📸 @markkuroda #vazayoga #lululemonsf #happy #lovemyjob #awake #practiceandalliscoming #yoga #yogini #flexible #strong #core #yogamedicine #yogaworkshop #fun #elevate #quoteoftheday #dailyinspiration #focus #positivevibesonly