Image by Mimi Ditchie Photography

Today the moon - earth - sun are aligned and it's the perfect time to use the power of the full moon to let go of the old and make room for the new. A perfect way to take full advantage of the power of the full moon is to practice the following ritual:


1. create a sacred space 
- sage (neutralizing energy)
- meditative music
- Bells
- drums 
- maybe you like to perform the ritual in the nature 

2. write (using pen/pencil and paper) 
- write down what you want to release and be specific about it.
- include areas that need to heal and to transform
- ask yourself what needs to be released, what needs to shift

3. set in the fireplace or burn it in a bowl using lighter/ matches
- watch paper burn
- transforming & releasing 


Fire brings warm to the cold,
Light into to the dark, we use it to cool our food to nourish our bodies, tune into the element 

4. proclaim the words with full intention OUT LOUD 

- I relinquish
- be gone
- I release 
- I surrender


(You can use one or all of the above) and maybe you like even to perform it with your partner, children, friends etc.


5. open up to the natural propensity to healing 
- open to the miraculous 
- watch your prayers begin to manifest with healing & transformation 


Enjoy the ritual!!! It's not important to see the full moon, neither the place or time you are performing it. If you miss the exact day of the full moon, no worries you can also do it 4-5 days around the actual date. For any further questions don't hesitate to contact me and if you are free you can join me for tonight's special full moon class at yoga garden @ 6:15pm 
Please bring your journal and a pen.
Happy full moon!