Anjali Mudra ~ prayer hands


Anjali Mudra

In Sanskrit, Mudra means seal or sign. It referez to

sacred hand gestures

and body positions that bring about a certain inner state and have symbolic meaning. Anjali comes from "anj" in Sanskrit and means "to honor or celebrate". 

When the hands and fingers are placed Ina particular pattern, the energy within the body can be redirected and changeant. Anjali Mudra opens te heart, calms the mind and reduces anxiety.  

By bringing our hands together at our heart center we are connecting to both sides of the brain. This is symbolic of uniting both our masculine and feminine energies. It is said that the right hand represents our divine self and the left our worldly nature. 

The hand gesture of Anjali Mudra is often accompanied by the greeting of Namaste which means "the light in me, bows to the night in you." We is Anjali Mudra to communicate our heartfelt energy. It is a humbling gesture offered to family, friends, students and strangers.  

yogis view the spiritual or energetic heart as a lotus flower in the center of the chest. Anjali Mudra acknowledge the energetic heart and directs it to open to the light. Practicing Anjali Mudra is an excellent way to induce a meditative state.  

Prayer hands are often incorporated into various seated and standing postures, sucks as Mountain Pose, Tree, warrior 1, squat... 

Used during asana practice, this Mudra is balancing, harmonizing and helps to keep us centered and positive.