Dear beautiful, hard working Women: 

Do you feel like when you get up in the morning theres no structure, you’re rushing around, multi tasking just pure survival mode and routine?

Do you feel like you have to be everything to everyone? Like you offer 360 degrees of support to everyone but yourself?

Would you like to be an amazing role model for your kids, would you like to bring back the play into your life? Embracing creativity and surrendering your perfection-ism to embrace freedom?

I felt all of this. I haven't always had the body and life I wanted. I always struggled with weight. In fact, when I came to the states I gained a lot of weight due to a thyroid issue I had. Some days, I didn't even feel like getting out of bed, because I felt so drained of energy. I didn't feel confident, I had no sex drive and not even had the desire to hang out with my partner and friends. After becoming a mom, my challenges got even bigger, I felt I had lost my inner guidance and had no connection to myself. I realized I needed support and I couldn't do it myself, so I found a great coach and it made all the difference. Through this process I found the connection to myself again.  

My mission is to guide YOU through YOUR own personal transformations in building self-confidence, positive body image and mindful awareness of self and the strengths we all have inside. 

After all, there's a Wonder Woman in each of us and the only thing holding us back is our own limiting beliefs. By connecting the Mind, Body & Soul through conscious awareness, I provide changes that will last a lifetime with the perfect blend of physical activity,  spiritual healing and nutritional support to address the rising needs and concerns of working moms today.



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