Do you feel like you have to have it all?

Like you offer 360 degrees of support to everyone but yourself?

Would you like to be an amazing role model for your kids, would you like to bring back the play into your life? Embracing creativity and surrendering your perfection-ism to embrace freedom?

Do you feel like when you get up in the morning theres no structure, you’re rushing around, multi tasking just pure survival mode and routine.

Would you rather be guided, structured, centred, safe to let go and living with intention?

Are you fearing anxiety, do you feel guilty, overwhelmed and fatigued? What’s your relationship like with your body?

Do you suffer from comparison, shame and fear of the unknown? Do you have simply…a lack of self worth?

Would you rather live your life guilt free? Having a health relationship with your body and yourself? Having healthy relationships with your partner, your friends, your family and kids.

Would you prefer to feel confident and sexy? Fulfilled, centered, worthy & happy?

If you experience “Fast Health”, buying gym memberships on top of nutrition plans on top of fitness trackers never working and would like to join a community where we will work with you to co-create full plans covering your entire life to live a healthy lifestyle including nutrition plans, workout plans, no quick fixes but long term change.




I am committed to empowering YOU, by helping you to find YOUR inner goddess and fierce warrior throughout varying life stages.

My mission is to guide YOU through YOUR own personal transformations in building self-confidence, positive body image and mindful awareness of self and the strengths we all have inside ourselves.

After all, there's a little Wonder Woman in each of us and the only thing holding us back are our own limiting beliefs. By connecting the Mind, Body & Soul through conscious awareness, I provide changes that will last a lifetime with the perfect blend of physical activity and spiritual healing to address the rising needs and concerns of many women today.

With fear there is courage and with courage there comes infinite possibilities in life.


When you come to my class you get a chance to reflect, listen to your breath, pay attention to your thoughts and get in touch with your body so you can turn inwards.

I am inviting you to safely push yourself physically and mentally in a pose. This will help you to learn how to manage challenging situations and remain calm in your daily life.

By experiencing the power of the body, we discover the possibilities that lie beyond the mat.



  • 200 hr Asthanga Teacher Training at It's Yoga SF
  • 200 hr Yoga Therapy Teacher Training at Yoga Bloom SF
  • numerous workshops with Stephanie Snyder, Kathryn Budig and Tiffany Cruikshank
  • Life long study at the Women Rocking Business  with Sage Lavine